Social Media Strategy in 5 Easy Steps!

So you’ve decided it’s time to get your company LIVE on social media! That’s great…but what does that really mean? A lot of small business owners think that the second they post something on their Facebook or Instagram, followers & customers will come flocking. In reality, it takes effort to grow that kind of loyalty. But luckily, we’ve put together this comprehensive step-by-step to help get you started!


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Before even starting to post, think of a content plan for each of your platforms. An easy way to do this: Cheat! And by cheat, we mean check out what your favorite brands or top competition are doing. What do they post? What social channels are they using? What does their brand voice sound like? When do they post? How often do they post? Do they engage with their audience? Find at least 5 competitors or brands you like, then go ahead and answer these questions in a list to help you determine your own unique social content strategy. HINT: Some of the best channels aren’t loaded with JUST one specific type of content & theme. Mix it up with entertaining and educational content, not just sales driven.



Great so you’ve gone through step one! Now you need to start implementing your content strategy! If you are like most small business owners, you are juggling about 10 different jobs so this is when we, social media managers, come into play! Speak to a manager today! Say you own an online store…You want to create and/or curate 1-3 months worth of imagery & videos (to name some popular types of content) that you either took yourself, sourced from customers or had professionally taken. Write up engaging copy for each post, research and implement relevant hashtags, schedule, and start posting! Once you start going live, followers will start to engage with your accounts & individual posts, this is the time when you need to engage with them & get people interested. This is also a great opportunity to test if your content strategy works for your brand. If you are increasing in following, so should your post engagement! But if you notice that you aren’t receiving a lot of engagement, think about your best performing posts and restructure your content. HINT: Best times to post on social media are based on your audience activity. If you’re an online shop owner who sells in the US only, think about the time zones and when your customers are most likely checking their accounts. A good rule of thumb is early mornings & late evenings local time!


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It’s been a month or two and you’ve managed to get 1-3K organic followers. That’s great! But no one has purchased anything…not so great. But don’t throw in the towel just yet! Growing social engagement is a great way to get a foundation of people that you can use to target with Facebook and Instagram ads. But remember: Engagement ad targeting works well if you have an engaged audience. So don’t try to skimp on the leg work by buying up followers. You can use existing, high performing posts, to create an ad that will be promoted to people who have already liked your social accounts and therefore have a affinity to your brand.

Another method is targeting new people on Facebook and Instagram that lookalike to your existing customer file. This would be your cold audience that you can build, and over time, convert to becoming a customer!

And of course, you want to also consider layering in remarketing to people who visit your website, landing pages, or a blog (if you have one) that come in from your first and secondary ads. Not everyone buys right away because they are researching and thinking about a purchase. So you want to nuture these people by showing them 1-3 different ads with unqiue content.



A great way to both gather followers, engagement, and purchases right away is finding an influential person in your niche to market your brand to their audience. This is espectially helpful for small businesses selling goods such as skincare, jewelry, subscription boxes, home goods, etc. By connecting with an influencer, your brand will be front and center to already engaged and interested audiences. Additionally, you can collaborate around peak holidays & sales for an added boost to your revenue! HINT: Influencers create amazing content that you can promote as advertising to audiences across various social channels!


Of course, not everything in social media can be done for free. Consider what your overhead will be for the below! These are what we consider to be the MOST important components to building your social media budget!

Social Media Content

Social Media Management

Social Media Advertising

Influencer Marketing

A lot of small business owners don’t initially realize that they need this planned out BEFORE hiring a social media manager and running ads. And, like many things in business, social media takes time to grow (3-6 months on average) and to see return.

HINT: Advertising can be costly, if not done effectively with proper content and targeting. Consider 10-15% monthly revenue will go back into your advertising & management budget.

That’s your five easy steps to building a social media strategy! Take this framework to create your own or schedule a call with one of our managers! Learn More

We will work to create a social media strategy that is tailored to your small business!